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Date : 18.12.2013  
We were invited to Lefkoşa Turkish High School On the 18th December 2013 we were invited to Lefkoşa Turkish High School (LTL) to introduce our occupations and talk about our careers to the students. We had a great day with the students. The day started with a short and sweet classical and local music played by our violin, guitar and piano teachers. Then the students had the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the jobs of the professionals who were there to help and inform the students to choose their future careers. Our desk was busy and the students had many questions to ask. They were mainly interested in learning about the difficulties and the good sides of the jobs. Our ballet and dance teacher explained the benefits of good ballet training for those who would like to pursue a dance career. As a school we would like to thank you all those who organized this beneficial event and those who invited us.


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